Friday, January 2, 2009

Skating in the New Year!

On New Year's Eve, Sadie, Heather and I hit the rink at the Civic Center, and most graciously, it did not hit back!

Sadie & Heather, queens of the ice!

I went for a brief skate the week before with roomie Libby and her family, and was quite proud for not falling down after getting on skates for the first time in ... years. This week it was for about an hour, and all three of us stayed skating upright the entire time (and didn't kill ourselves, not even once!). And I'm even more impressed with the lack of sore muscles, which considering how much time I spend hunkered over a wheel, I can only attribute to my personal trainer Lissa and her daily hiking sessions.

To see action footage, check out heater's blog. Anyone in the Asheville area, the skating continues throughout January, and I highly recommend it!

Today, I'm catching up on emails and starting to get things in order for what I hope to be the last move for a while. It has been a blissfully relaxing month at Libby & Julie's 'retreat', and I am so grateful to have had that after the excitement and turmoil of the months that led up to it. I'm really looking forward to this move, to getting to know my new roommate, to being walking distance to the studio and to unpacking! And after that, I'm most anxious to get back to work in the studio!!

Another note for anyone in the AVL area - I'll be having a CraigsList and/or actual yard sale in the coming week or so, as I know there is much in storage that will not find space in the new home.

There still seems to be a nice, holiday laziness about the town, and I hope everyone has been enjoying a peaceful holiday surrounded by love. Happy New Year!

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