Friday, January 9, 2009

more welcomes and other studio news

The welcomes continue, although Teva got in and out without me getting her picture (and she even cleaned the sink trap, which would have been such a great glam shot!). I'll get her next time she's here to do her own work.

But I did manage to get one new face logged!

Katie S (we have two Katies, if you're keeping count) joined the
studio last month and is getting her own 'art therapy' after
a day of counseling others

And in other studio news, yours truly was filmed for a web-based 'documentary' that's being produced at the website Our Next Thing, which chronicles the adventures of people who have made career changes and subsequently great life changes. Greg and Brooke were wonderful to work with, and made chatting incessantly about myself actually seem relevant! It never occurred to me to take out my camera and document my own documenting, so you'll just have to wait for me to get a copy of the trailer. But here's a shot from our first interview...

...soon to be featured on a website near you!

And a special shout out of thanks to Dan & Jael from the Chocolate Lounge for coming over during the shoot to take part, and to Heather Tinnaro for also hanging out and being extremely gracious to throw beautiful bowls for the camera (that are now designated for Empty Bowls). My friends rock!

In other exciting studio news, I've finally taken the Etsy plunge! I've only got a few things listed, and while I should be putting the studio back in order from the film shoot, and getting back on the wheel to start on mugs for the Chocolate Lounge, I'll be on the Etsy site soon to add more items. You can check out the page at a link somewhere over on the right side of the blog.

OK - cleaning up the studio and throwing some mug bases before I have to go home and start sorting things for the yard sale (right - if you're in Asheville, check out the yard sale listing for details and come on by!). peace.

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