Thursday, June 25, 2009

Crazy Green Studios is finally on a map!

If you've read a blog or two here, you know how happy I am to be in my little corner of East West Asheville. Excited as I was when I opened my studio, I couldn't wait to let people know, so I registered my address with Google maps... all went well until I hit the final 'submit' button and found out that for some reason the mapping powers that be think my studio is in a totally different part of West Asheville, not at all on Domino Lane. For that matter, Domino Lane doesn't even exist on any online map or GPS search engine ... please remember that if you're coming by for the first time and please use the directions on my website!

click on the image to go to the online version

As fun as it can be to hide in plain sight, I'm happy to report I've finally made a map! The new West Asheville maps are in distribution, and if you find one of those around town you'll be able to find me! You can also find me in the online version, along with all sorts of other great West Asheville locations. The map also lists ongoing events and has contact info for everyone listed.

shino plate, as featured on the back of the West Asheville map

If you're planning a trip to Asheville, or if you're planning a crawl around town yourself, make sure you add this great map to your pile o' resources, and stop by if you're in the 'hood!

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