Thursday, June 4, 2009

Asheville Street Markets is buzzing!

Just in time to show off our shiny new logo, MountainXpress has a lovely feature about Asheville Street Markets in THE BUZZ this week!

A million thanks just don't begin to express all of our gratitude to Suzy Millions for her support in helping us create not only our logo, but also a hip rack card that's soon to be somewhere near you.

And all this times perfectly with LOTS of activity in the world of Asheville Street Markets this weekend!

Smart workshops for those artsy and crafty start the day at Howard Street Handmade: learn how to take better pictures of your work, learn a new craft, and later that afternoon the fun continues with a craft sale and swap that features incredible materials, supplies and equipment. click the image for more info at the blog.

And Lexington Bazaar is back, in the downtown courtyard on Lexington Avenue, and in addition to more great art, craft and design offered to you by the makers, you can again find yummy crepes and frites from Bouchon, and music by Ras Berhane of Chrystal Kind! click this image for more info and details.

And it doesn't end there! Sunday is the inaugural event for the Asheville People's Market!! It's the flea-market style place to buy art, crafts, and homemade items from Asheville artists as well as bartering for and haggling over for yard sale items, lost treasures and other peoples un-loved functionals. And did you know the whole thing is a fundraiser? click the image and get more details at the blog, and if you're looking to make a find, or if you're looking to make a sale or trade, go down there on Sunday!

I'll be buzzing around to each event before hitting the studio, but won't be able to linger as we have weekend hours and our own fun with clay, so if you're venturing out this weekend, be sure to hit one of these fabulous events...and then come by the studio and let me know what you found!

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