Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Crazy Green Studios at 2nd Saturday Artist Market this weekend!

Things seem to be almost literally cooking in the studio, with warmer weather and the kiln heating the place up...and instead of slowing activity down, it's busier than ever!

I was hoping to do another slightly experimental kiln at cone 7-8 for this weekend's 2nd Saturday Artist Market, but the timing just didn't work out. The challenge in commission work keeping me so busy is carving out that time to keep developing my own work, but you won't hear me complaining for lack of things to do! That's the nice thing about the 2nd Saturday market - since it's the 2nd Saturday of each month, I've always got next month to present something new!

I'm really looking forward to this weekend's 2nd Saturday Artist Market. The area will be a buzz, as we're right down the street from the River Arts District that hosts Studio Stroll over the weekend, and the weather looks encouraging for lots of people out on the streets! I love live markets - it's funny, I don't enjoy the whole 'marketing' aspect of running the business, but I do love the live market. It's great to have the opportunity to watch people interact with my work, get to know them and help them get to know the process and the person behind what they see. And not just my booth, I love the whole interactive community dynamic of a live market and watching all the connections that happen. And... this month's Community Booth is Mountin' Hopes - the therapeutic riding center - very cool!

The Crazy Green booth will feature some new work, along with more of some of the popular sellers from the recent show at Clingman Cafe. In addition, we'll have a decorating station set up once again for anyone who'd like to decorate a bowl for Empty Bowls, and you're welcome to bring canned food and other non perishable donations for MANNA FoodBank as well. And the studio will be open as well as what you'll find under the tent, and I'll of course be there to talk to anyone about studio membership and the summer workshops.

Check out the 2nd Saturday blog for profiles on some of the participating artists, and come and check us out! And when you do, be sure to go over to Christopher's Garden for additional exhibiting artists, and there are lots of other cool small businesses in the 'hood you'll want to visit. East West Asheville has a lot going on, and if you haven't taken the time to check it all out, come by and see us on Saturday!

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