Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Open House, pt 2

Anne sent me some pictures, but I accidentally shut down my computer when it was downloading, so there may be a part 3 once I get the rest, but here's a nice collage of some of the fun from Saturday's Open House. Thanks again to all who came, all who decorated bowls for Empty Bowls and all the good wishes and great energy that you brought into my humble little studio and my grateful heart!

I left in some of the fuzzy photos just because I like them anyway ... and the shot of me popping the cork on the prosecco makes me giggle because I think Anne was ducking while trying to take the shot!

me & a French Broad....getting ready for the big open....some friends from Odyssey dropping by....

pop!....bowl table gettin' some action....Sam, our young artist featured in the pt. 1 post....

more bowl action....more & my friend Jane who is also my Mtn. Biz mentor-extraordinaire!

gentle accountant Glenda does a party bowl!....Steve really getting into the & Kyle talkin' pugmills (possibly the least scenic view in the studio...)
me & Anne, the official photographer of the Open House!

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