Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunny Sunday...

Another beautiful fall day in Asheville. This weekend was to be a final push to make ware to bisque for upcoming firings in both my kiln and the Westfire reducition kiln, but I found myself in kind of a haze getting as much done as I'd planned. The weekend's actual production output didn't match the list I made, but work did get done. It's still quite a dance to move from making work, teaching, keeping the studio in shape for which ever activity is next, keeping up with marketing & books, upcoming events, unknown opportunities. Still seems whenever I'm doing one thing, I'm thinking about something else, and distractions abound. Gotta work harder to stay in the present and give my attention to what I'm doing at the moment. Scheduling helps, but I gotta work harder to keep to my own schedule!

I set up a table outside to let the sun help my pots dry - after the rain earlier this weekend, nothing much was drying inside. The other plus to this method is it got me outside several times to take a stretch and soak up a bit of vitamin sun. Toward the end of the afternoon, I was chasing the last rays of sun by moving the wettest ware to the car. It's amazing how much faster the sun seems to go down these days!

This morning I took Lissa for a hike in the woods, and wished I had my camera to get some of the beautiful fall colors and morning rays of light through the diminishing tree cover. In lieu of that, on one of my outdoor stretches to check pot butts, I snapped a picture of the local fall color right outside my door.

And speaking of Lissa...all day I prodded her to get outside and enjoy the weather, but she was happy to snooze in her corner behind my wheel. When I finally dragged her out and shut the door behind us, she thanked me by finding every rotting, disgusting, thing-I-don't-even-want-to-know-what-it-was...and eating it. This is her defiant smilin' mug when we got back in the studio:

I have a feeling our walk later this evening may see some regurgitation of earlier events, one way or another!

Time to lay out clay for pugging, clean up the studio and get organized for class tomorrow morning. Oh and then maybe just throw a few more things....peace

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