Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Some days, you eat cake! 100 Days of Recipes: Day 16

Some days, you have cake!

Birthday Girl!
Today at the studio, we celebrate our wonderful Operations Manager, Lindsey Mudge. We actually celebrate her every day: the amount of details she keeps up with on our behalf, the number of things she does behind the scenes, that we mostly don't even know about, but that keep us running smoothly - well I don't think it's an understatement to say they are innumerable! 

Princess Birthday Girl, enjoying having her cake and eating it, too!

So today, in her honor, we put the traditional "Happy Birthday" banner across her office, made her wear the "Birthday Tiara", sang (in four part harmony!) Happy Birthday to her, and feasted her with vittles from Homegrown restaurant. Our fearless leader Sarah is out of town, but she called in for the singing, and she arranged for a chocolate cake from Short Street Cakes that had us all giddy on sight. We capped off the celebration with a gift for Lindsey from Dobra Tea, her favorite after-yoga pit stop.

We drew on our Asheville community to help celebrate a valued member of our TVP community, and all of it reminds me how very blessed we are, all of us.

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