Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Some days, you punt. 100 Days of Recipes: Day 15

Some days, you punt.

Yesterday was one of those days - busy on the phone and computer before I left the house, and then busy at the studio, trying to continue glazing for my firing at the end of the week, with visions and thoughts swirling in my head from my busy-ness earlier in the morning. So it really didn't surprise me that something was just enough 'off' that I kind of kept running into myself. 

Studio Snacking Survival Kit
And while I didn't remember to post this yesterday, this was totally my recipe for surviving the day - small snacks so I could at least stop and distract myself for a few minutes and avoid any blood sugar "hangry" episodes (believe me, the day didn't need any help being dysfunctional!). My go-to items in this survival kit are often the same: Roots Hummus with dipping veggies, nuts and dried fruit, apple and peanut butter. And water - I did a marginal job on that yesterday, but I did stay fueled!

Today I'm a gallerina, so I can be more thoughtful about yesterday's folly and plan for my final glazing session tomorrow while my last bisque kiln cools. Today is also a special day in our studio, so my Day 16 post will be in that celebration - stay tuned!

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