Sunday, April 16, 2017

If you love it, put an Egg on it! 100 Days of Recipes: Day 13

If you love it, put an Egg on it!

Most times, when I'm planning a recipe or a meal, I'm thinking ahead to the leftovers - how the flavors will continue to develop in the second or third serving, and what else I might do with the original meal or element. And if I've made something that really makes my mouth and soul sing, one of my favorite ways to enjoy it again is under an over-easy egg. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner - it's a winner!

My handbuilt bowl is the perfect vessel for my
leftover lamb tagine (that will be in a future recipe posting)
with all it's warming spicy goodness, under a velvety egg. dang.
That's today's recipe - if you have leftovers from a meal that made you happy, put an egg on it! 

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