Thursday, July 21, 2011

sexy food: feed your head

One of the sexiest aspects of good food is the interactive nature of its preparation and enjoyment.  It could be with a large group, sharing memories and stories while chopping, mixing and cooking.  It could be sharing the sensations of eating a lovingly prepared dinner with that special someone.  It could be standing over the sink in the summer, because that's the only way to fully enjoy a fresh peach without regard to the extra juices that just can't be contained in a single bite.  It involves all the senses at one time or another, and as with any sensory experience, in person is the very best way to do it.

However, there are times when there may be a desire for more introspection.  Here are a few tasty nuggets that may give you, as they do me, inspiration for your next hands-on experience.

  Tradition. Simplicity. A Sense of Place.  Their own descriptors and perfect for this wonderful quarterly out of Vermont.  I find myself approaching Edward Behr's pieces the same way I do a novel when I'm already half way in and can't wait to keep reading.  Get a cup or glass of a tasty beverage, a comfy seat with good light, turn off the phone, let the dog out and dig in.

 This is a brand-spanking new quarterly put out by restauranteur David Chang that looks very enticing (haven't even gotten the first issue yet), from the fresh graphics to the first issue dedicated to ramen noodles, this does not seem to be just another food magazine.  

 The image is small here, but click to the link and you'll be well rewarded.  Fred Shively is a freelance creative director, photographer and digital artist based in Spain.  The set I've linked focuses on the bars, bodegas, tabernas & cafes of Granada.  In the course of this slide show, I could at times practically hear, smell and even taste what I saw on screen. Beyond the tantalizing images themselves, it's also the photographer's perspective that takes me in further.  I feel like I'm getting a secret view that I wouldn't normally get to see, and it makes me want to see each of these in person that much more, preferably with Fred as my guide.

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