Saturday, July 16, 2011


So there's a group of us. Friends, colleagues, family. We like to talk about all sorts of things, but there is a noticeable elevation in energies when the topic comes around to food.  I admit I can get pretty animated if I'm talking about a new restaurant, recipe, kitchen gadget or seasonal food find that makes me happy.  Many times at the end of such a conversation, a friend will say to me 'you should write a blog about this'.   So as a way to expand the conversation to include some more far flung friends, I'm writing this blog, and I'm inviting many in my circle of foodies to join the conversation and even offer their own stories and experiences, so it may not always be just me talking.

Why 'Sexy Food'?  It's certainly not a unique name for a blog, I learned that when I started this.  It's just a phrase I use when I'm particularly pleased with a dish or beverage.  A whole meal may be sexy, or even a single ingredient.  Martha's got 'it's a good thing', I'll take 'that food is sexy!'.

So this is going to be me and some of my friends spouting off from time to time about food, drink, and all sorts of related and occasionally unrelated topics.  Now why hasn't someone else thought of this yet?  All we can say is 'you're welcome'.

I'm going to sign off this first post with a grateful nod to a seasonal sexy food: the fig.  I know this fig tree that has been a big tease for the past couple of months, showing off branches laden with fruit, soaking up the sun and rain.  It's just started ripening, and every day there's sweet, sexy goodness ready to be plucked.

Not everything we talk about here will be so blatantly obvious to the title reference, but here it is - these figs ARE sexy food.  And they're really starting to pop, so I'm pulling together recipes now.  I'm starting by hunting down one I got from friends last year when I first met this fig tree, but it was later in the season and we ate them as fast as they ripened, so there were never enough to consider making into a larger recipe.  That's not the case now, so if you have a favorite recipe using fresh figs, I'd love to hear it!  I'll let you know how they go.

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