Tuesday, July 19, 2011

in the works

My, but time flies when you say to yourself "I'll post some new stuff as soon as I finish ....". Well that's not going to happen, and while I'm grateful that a new goal is always dropping in front of me, I need get back to enjoying the process instead of fretting the finish.

I admit, the procrastination on writing has also been based in a slight sense of insecurity. Not me personally, I'm all good, but in the studio - just getting back into a dedicated work space after months of floating about, I've taken most of the last month getting back into a rhythm in the studio. And still heavily depending on using other people's equipment for much of my work (for which I am extremely grateful), I feel like I need to work fast and furious to get as much done as I can in each cycle, and of course nothing seems to happen fast enough. I've let those things I can't control become the focus, instead of rocking those things I do control, and that's just not as much fun so let's try not to do that too much, shall we?

Since I'm rediscovering the joy in the process, here are a few process shots of what's cookin' in the studio. Firing in about week, and my next exploration of process after I unload will be trying to get some decent pictures of the finished work!

always more mugs to carve

a new set for The Tree & Vine: olive oil dipping
bowl set inside an olive 'moat'

oil & vinegar bottles for The Tree & Vine

part development of a new form, part fun for Lori.
slab platter with a splash of sgrafitto tree

small plates that splashed out of the same idea as the platter


  1. Like the splashed slip. The olive oil moats are cool too.

  2. thanks Dennis - I'm always looking for new ways to have fun with the slip trees. And I'm looking forward to trying out the olive moat I've pegged for the house too, although I know it will also, at times, become a fig moat, a pickle barge, cracker tray ...love playing with my food!