Monday, July 18, 2011

fig-inspired submission from the field

Bruce saw the post about the figs, and was reminded of one of his own sexy food experiences. In this case, it was stumbling across an unusual fruit in an Asian market in Philadelphia's Chinatown.  

Dragon Fruit, via the Local Harvest website

Being a great food adventurer when he's not busy in his painting studio in Boston, he bought it just because it looked so cool, and was well rewarded as he enjoyed his first dragon fruit.  How'd he like it?

" simply spoon the flesh out like a melon.  The flavor is very mild but quite refreshing, something like a mild pear with poppy-seed tang from the seeds."

Bruce's dragon fruit, ready to eat. exotically sexy!

Since he picked his up in a market in March, it was probably imported (they're imported from Asia, South America, and Mexico), but there are growers in Florida now producing the fruit too.  Word is, if you're looking to purchase one at a market, look for a shinier fruit with thinner skin for the sweetest results.

I think I've seen these in a couple of my local markets, but never really stopped to look as I thought they had to be an international import.  Now that I know they're being grown not too far south of me, I may have to give one a try myself.  

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