Thursday, April 16, 2009

some week!

It feels like each day there is an increase in energy and activity all around. It's here in the studio, it's in the lives of my studio members, my clients and certainly starting to be all around town! Maybe it's just a bit of spring fever, but it feels like a good vibration to hang onto!

A few of the highlights of the week past...

Got a good jump on making work for the kiln that will be fired at the end of next week. Still need to crank out more, but it's looking good, and after a couple of good client meetings, I have more ready to go and more to make! Also got all the bowls decorated at the Empty Bowls event glazed and fired. With the new zinc-free clear, we get the greens now, but some of the other underglazes still burn out at our slightly higher temps. Still a good looking batch of bowls (that I have yet to photograph...).

I finally got to join a work crew for Habitat for Humanity, and joined a great group of women who are building a house in West Asheville for a young family. It's been a lot easier to find and join a build group here than it was in DC, so I know I'll be doing that again! Click on the image if you want to join an Asheville-area build crew.

This week HatchFest is in Asheville, and while I've only been able to attend one panel discussion, it was a good one: Marketing for the Creative Professional featured a panel of very talented professionals (Erin Scholze, Greg Vineyard, Paul Van Heden, Karen Hemphill, Jenny Bowen and Jonas Gerard) from many disciplines who all spoke eloquently to a number of topics and answered questions and gave me good stuff to think about! This panel was presented at HatchFest with the Asheville Artist Alliance and Mountain Biz Works, both groups I'm a member of and both groups a perfect match for what HatchFest has brought to Asheville. There, I've just implemented one of the tips I learned at the panel!

I also delivered my 'Carolina Wren Houses' for the Bountiful Cities Birdhouse auction - this will get mentioned in the 'weekend ahead' section below too! These were very much from my imagination, but now that I've actually looked at some wren houses, I may make some more functional attempts, but I may also make some more like these, which I think also make fun lanterns.

Today I tried to sit out in the sun at the studio, since I'm now trying to finish up the rack cards for the Artist Market and new studio PR, but the plants are attracting all sorts of buzzing neighbors, so I'm in the cooler studio finishing up the keyboard activity before heading back to the wheel to make more for the kiln.

So it's been a fun week so far, and the weekend holds just as much fun ahead:

It's the return of the Howard Street Handmade market! If you missed the first one last month - get over there and check it out this weekend!

Bountiful Cities Birdhouse Auction! Downtown Saturday - go early to see all the great birdhouses, then get there in time for the live auction and support this great group!

New show opening at the Flood Gallery at Phil Mechanic Studios in the River Arts District - reception Friday (tonight!) from 7-10pm.

Tailgate season opens, including the Asheville City Market. Check out ASAP for the tailgate near you!

HatchFest continues, continues through Saturday and ends with a big bang of a party at the Orange Peel.

And now I'm back to a bit more computer fun, then elbows deep in clay! Next blog is an answer to a dare, and it's right up my alley! Happy weekend to all - get out and see some art, visit your favorite brick & mortar small business, make a purchase, support your local economy, eat your vegetables, leave it cleaner than you found it and play nice with others. xoxo

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