Sunday, April 5, 2009

happy asheville-versary!

I just noticed that this weekend marks three years since my arrival to Asheville, and every day I've been happy and grateful to be here. And to celebrate, what better thing than spending the day in the studio! Granted, it's the way I celebrate just about every other day, which is probably why I'm so happy and grateful!

Today was a mixture of some computer updates, some picture taking, a wee bit of bookkeeping, fun with studio members coming in and time on the wheel and in cleaning up work. And yummy leftover catfish/succotash stew for lunch, hot out of the ol' rice cooker.

This is a pretty good representation of most of the day. It was beautiful and sunny (stay tuned, snow is projected for Tuesday!), which was great for throwing bowls (for the Empty Bowls event here next week, in case you haven't been tuning in!) and then trimming them an hour or so later. The table holds vases that were cleaned up, a few straggling mugs that got handles, trimmed bowls getting another sun kiss, a couple of member bowls and the early stages of what will be 'Carolina Wren Houses', for the Bountiful Cities Birdhouse Auction.

Oh, and against the wall of the studio in the back is my make-shift photo studio, taking advantage of the natural light. I shot pictures of the work out of the last kiln, but shot them too quickly and only now that I've posted several do I see how out of focus and rather icky some are. One of these days, I'll make it to one of the digital photography workshops and I shall then be the master of my wonderful camera!

The pup will soon need a walk and then out to get her some food, so I'd better get back to the table, the wren houses are just about ready to be transformed. I hope everyone is celebrating the day, for any and every reason. If I may borrow from friend ht's voicemail: Happy Holiday of Your Choice! peace.

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