Tuesday, November 18, 2008

work is good

It has been a rather frantic time in Lori-land of late. Rushing to get a kiln fired for the Studio Stroll exhibit with the other Odyssey Residents, losing a good portion of the load to a very silly glaze mixing oversight (but still gleaning some good stuff from it even so), working feverishly to get the studio up on its feet in spite of a lot of financial clenching from clients and students (understandably, but if one more person says to me 'wow you picked quite a time to start a new business!'), and also trying to find a place to live. The last two weeks have been full of it all, and the next couple of weeks include finding the perfect home for me & the wonder dog, filling yet another kiln, getting the studio on stronger ground in its new open studio format, planning the workshops that are gonna rock in the new year and getting more work out so I can have work to show/sell/represent, and of course the much anticipated East West Asheville Holiday Art Walk.

So today it's a quiet day in the studio as far as member activity, and I just realized I must have left my phone at home, which adds to the peace. This morning I did some work on the marketing, did some new home searching and communicating with potential roommates, did some work on new show/grant/client submissions. good. But for the past few hours, I've just been working. Cleaning up the mugs I put handles on yesterday, trimming the platters that finally dried enough (using my new 'WCT' tool and loving it!), finishing up an order for ornaments and getting things ready to load into the bisque. This is the good work that makes everything else worthwhile. Got my music up, the dog is snoring in the corner behind the wheel, until the wind blows and she barks at leaves falling past the window, and there are trim scraps just about everywhere.
having fun with the new trim tool

love it love it love it!

I'll have to go get the phone, get back to work on these submissions, work out some new marketing ideas, get another mailing ready and perhaps even settle on a place to live. It's all gonna happen and keep happening, but this time of actually doing the work that I work so hard to be able to do...I am grateful.
getting lined up for the kiln

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