Thursday, November 27, 2008


Holiday greetings! As much as I've enjoyed many non-traditional holidays in my life, this one will be a new version, as I'm not traveling nor receiving travelers this year. I'll be in the studio, getting as ready as I can for the holiday show next weekend, and yes still looking for a place to live. I'll be joining some friends for dinner later if I get enough done (or I'll enjoy the leftovers after that!), but the work rules the day! And while some may look at me and shake a concerned head for my being 'alone', I certainly don't feel it. I am surrounded, if not in actual proximity, in spirit, by a very large circle of love and support. It frustrates my mom that I can feel 'being there' without actually being there, because, well she'd just rather I be there. But I can - I know it's a holiday and all, but for me the true holidays come whenever I'm with family or friends, so when we see each other it's always a sort of Thanksgiving! But as I've said before, I'm recommitting myself to being thankful every day, and today I am indeed thankful for the nice, quiet day ahead in the studio (anyone who does what I do will pang with envy for that!). And for the leftover mole pumpkin pie from the Chocolate Lounge that's in my fridge. And for all the good energy being sent to me by those I can't be with today (keep it coming till I get that dang housing thing figured out!). There are plenty of challenges ahead, and every day is a day to be grateful for the opportunity to face them anew, and perhaps find some interesting delights along the path. But since today is the official day of Thanksgiving, I'll focus on all my people, my cozy studio awaiting, my big snoring dog that I'll have to drag off the bed then run through the woods with...oh and yes that pie! peace and many thanks to everyone, and a very happy day to you all! xoxo

Happy Thanksgiving from Lissa-the-wonder-dog!

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