Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A day of YAY!

Well today is a day of celebration, and I was going to add to the multitude of Obama-raising blogs crying out our joy, pride, relief...well I guess I just did. But another part of me is saying 'back to work', even though I was working through the never-ending campaign, I admit it was a growing distraction as election day drew near, and while I'm proud and happy of the volunteering and ready for more, there is this whole issue of actually keeping the lights on, continuing to live indoors, all that good stuff along with my own joy and elation in the making of all things clay. So today was a bit slow moving (as I allow myself to be on my day off, at least in name), but starting to get moving again at a more fierce pace as there's the goal to fire yet one more kiln before the holiday Art Walk early next month, and pack up for this weekend's exhibit fun.

On that note, I want to help celebrate a little extra spotlight on some fellow area potters-extraordinnaire who are on the cover of Mountain Express this week, just in time for the Studio Stroll:

To see a collective of potters on the cover with a really nice spread/interview is thrilling on its own, and even moreso when it's friends and colleagues who are so deserving individually and collectively. And in a world where sometimes you think you're the only one who thinks this is worthy of such shout outs, it's nice to see that others are going to see it too!

So pick up a copy, hit the link on the image and read all about Josh, Kyle, Matt, Melissa, Heather and Eric. And better yet, go check out the studio and all their ware during Studio Stroll this weekend...

...which you'll be coming back to after attending the Stroll Kick-Off Festivities at the Opening Reception for Transitions: An Odyssey Resident Artist Exhibition at Odyssey Studios on Friday night! You see, promotion's not so shameless when you slide it in with some for others!

Congrats to all the great folks at Clay Space and Yay for Clay!

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