Thursday, November 6, 2008

Party Time in the Capitol City!

Ok, first off, I'm so happy and proud to have moved to NC and be able to feel that my presence, my vote did matter in not only making the change we need nationally, but more importantly here where I live. That being said, on watching this I did have major pangs of wanting to be back in DC the night of the call, having lived there through TWO calls for Bush and the ensuing depression and doldrums of being in the city where they all lived and worked, having to skid my bike to a stop every time one of their friggin' motorcades closed off traffic, and worse yet working as an Innkeeper and hosting a house full of high-money Repubs who came for the Inauguration. They were all really nice enough, it just wasn't how I would have chosen to spend that time if I didn't have to work - I had another party in mind.

I tried to see if I could recognize anyone in the crowd shots, but I think they all look like good friends at this party! peace.


  1. All of ya'll's art were one of the highlights of my friend's and my visit to the open studios yesterday. Thanks for sharing and showing your clayworks. Cheers

  2. thanks luce - I'll share your kind words with the others, and thanks to you and your friends for coming!