Saturday, November 22, 2008

rally cap

Attitude is everything. It's one of my personal mantras, and it's something I truly believe. And not just 'fake it till you make it', which has its charms and uses. For me, when I have a belief or intention and truly feel it from my core, well then things just seem to happen to make what ever goal I have come closer faster. And when I let those naggy little voices, whether they be from inside or outside my head, put doubts or fears into my attitude, and then THAT's what seems to manifest.

And nowadays you can't turn around without hearing about the tanking economy and how bad it is for everyone. I don't dismiss that, but if that's what I focus on, it's only going to get worse, work won't get done, then things will get worse!

So I've been working hard to keep my own focus and intention on the things I want, not the things I fear or don't want. It's been a lot harder lately, but now I have a new rally cap!

My dear friend Heather offered to knit me a hat with ear flaps a while ago - I've always wanted one, and if I wait until I actually learn how to knit I'll always be ear-flap-less (I started to learn about ... six years ago and have a half finished wash cloth to show for it). Well she finished it and even sported it on her own blog, but we didn't meet up for it to land on my head until today. And this is a good time to have ear flaps!

So I love it, it's 'power' purple with a 'crazy green' stripe, beanie top point and braided fringes...and once on, I felt the power of the joy that comes with simple pleasures, and remembered the feeling that comes with the attitude of living without fear and just a whole lot of gratitude. I've decided this is my rally cap for my attitude - I'm going to get all the work done I need for the holiday show, I'm going to find new marketing outlets for studio members and clients, and I'm going to find a place to live. It was all going to happen either way, but my attitude about it all is much stronger now, and I swear in the short time between getting this hat this afternoon and taking a break in glazing to post this, I'm already seeing the results.

Now, back to glazing, happy to have the ear flaps in a cozy but not completely warm garage studio! peace

ps - just had to share these other shots of LissaTheWonderDog in her winter wear. She scoffed when I put this on her, but I think she enjoyed it romping in the slightly frost-crusted park this morning!


  1. YAY! it was all the good love going into every stitch. i worked on your hat everywhere, and every time anyone you know asked me what i was doing, their reply to my, "knittin' an earflap hat for lori" was "that's great! SHE's great!" and you are. i am so pleased that you love it!

  2. I love my hat! And the knittypotter who made it! xoxo