Tuesday, July 21, 2009

yunomi workshop day 2: bowl chi

After the marathon glaze testing day yesterday, today we were ready to take it easy and settle in on the wheel. Well, Matt may have had reservations as he's been working mostly in slabs, but he approached it with open mind and heart!

We made a gentle approach, working off the mound, and there were delightful sounds of progress throughout the morning. We grabbed our Roots lunch on the go and headed over to Odyssey Studios to see Kyu Yamamoto's slide presentation, and the afternoon was back on the wheel. We made a batch of lizella slip to play with on the little loafer's clay we're throwing, and it's warm and toothy texture and color on the lighter clay are very nice - on Thursday we'll be throwing the test batch of lizella clay (perhaps with some porcelain slip, just for giggles!).

Matt & Lisa are taking in galleries this afternoon. Tonight the kiln fires and tomorrow is our big field trip day while the kiln cools, visiting studios and potters and some nice western North Carolina scenery on the way.

Some images from day 2:

Matt, making progress...

...with me looking over his shoulder ...

Lisa in the garden, day 2...

some of today's work


  1. Today we could breathe a bit more - without respirators, since all glazes and clays are mixed! But breathing (especially breathing out) seems to be of critical importance when trying to center a lot of clay to throw off the hump. We were once again sustained by the River Arts community: not only a great quick lunch from Roots Cafe (today a Gyro - chicken or portobello, which was simply fantastic) Odyssey was kind enough to open Kyo Yamamoto's great lecture and slideshow to feed our hearts, brains and souls. I'll never think of negative space in design quite the same way again.

  2. ah, the wisdom of the wheel is seeping in...breathing out is ever so important, and will serve you well away from the wheel as well!