Sunday, August 17, 2008

a fine day

A full day in the studio. What a thought, and yet it seems that it's been like the holy grail, to have a full day in the studio with no other distractions or diversions. And even though the diversions and distractions are all studio related...paying bills, working on marketing materials, moving things (still!) from the old studio, picking up supplies...but a full day in the studio!

It is all about organizing time, and even with distractions and diversions over the week, I managed to get the first bisque filled, a whole mess of clay pugged and closed in on catching up on orders and fulfillments that have been patiently waiting.
I'm still in that honeymoon period where almost everything that happens in this studio is a first rack of drying ware, my first bisque, my first takes so little to please and entertain me, maybe I should get out more...

first bisque, almost ready to go!

So yesterday was a blissfull full day in the studio, and the kiln was still firing when I got here in the morning, so I had all windows and the door open to take advantage of the nice breezes. Gotta get a screen for the door so I can leave it open at night too and avoid the buggies. It did get a little warm in the late afternoon after the kiln shut off, but with the mini fans on me and the dog and an occasional squirt down with the spray bottle (more the dog than me on that one), it was very pleasant. I finished pugging almost all of the reclaim I brought over so far from the old studio, finished organizing some studio furniture, created a make-shift drying lamp to help the drying keep up with the throwing and threw a nice chunk of the newly pugged clay.

new kiln furniture in a new home (nice view out the window too!)...and still finding homes for dry ingredients. These cans of silica were part of a gift from a friend who essentially gave me her old studio before I left DC...and I'm still going through some of the ingredients! Thanks again Kathy!

Today will be trimming and more throwing (and always more cleaning!), and with any luck another full kiln load will be drying by the time I unload the bisque later today. Another couple of loads and I'll be ready for the glaze kiln on Labor Day weekend.

out of the pugger, onto the wheel then on the shelves

Back to it!

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