Tuesday, April 20, 2010

definite progress!

So the down side to having to stop production to pack and move the studio right after a firing that was less than stellar (I believe the technical term would be 'crap'), is that the first kiln needs to make up for all those that shoulda been as well as hopefully start stocking the will be's.  The upside is that I have no lack of what to make, although because I'm filling very specific needs for this kiln, I'm a little all over the place, doing this mug for this client, these for another, only this many of this plate for another and odds and ends here and there.  But once everybody's caught up, I'll be back in a good rhythm and able to work in larger batches of each form. 

For now, it feels like I'm both racing and crawling to the finish line, with time for one more bisque before glazing and firing, making as much as I think I can cram into the bisque ... yet with today's rain the drying has screeched to a very slow crawl.  The upside to that is I took a short break and ran to the West Asheville Tailgate, which started its season today. 

So working through the branded client work, then finishing more individual orders and looking forward to enough sun tomorrow to dry things out for the bisque.

And then, the extreme joy of staying right here to start glazing work already bisque fired ... what a concept.

Back to watching clay dry ...

getting ahead on mugs for the ChoLo

branding some new service plates for Roots Cafe

taking advantage of a break in the clouds to dry out
some Roots mugs and dinner plates

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