Wednesday, April 28, 2010

first firing in the new studio

Ahhhhhhhhh ..... it feels good!  We opened the kiln today on the first firing since moving the studio, and now it officially feels like home.  It's the same kiln I've been firing in over the past two years, but this firing cycle was completely different as everything happened here.  No running back and forth to get the brush I left at my old studio, or check on students or a bisque there, or cramming a decorating session into three hours.  This time, I got it all done with time to spare.  I got more work done during the firing, and more importantly I was in the studio for the entire firing, not running in and out to do a turn up or peek at the cones before running back to work in the other studio.

I also used a new firing program this time around, one plucked from the kiln log and fired by friend heather in her last load.  The 'St. Pete' method, and it worked beautifully!  Here are some shots of our first efforts - now to get busy to fill the next load in a few weeks!

after two firings with questionable results, it's nice
to see the trees look the way I want them to look again

because I have to figure out how to make things more complex and
time consuming, I tried the 'carved' design in wax resist ...

actually writing this blog from the ChoLo, where I just dropped off
a new supply of mugs

and new mugs went to Roots earlier today ... 

... along with some sexy new plates for their sumptuous fare

 wine cups that are headed up to
Mountainside Wine in Spruce Pine

the carved trees in mugs ... hopefully some of these will make
it to the Tree Gallery this time ...

one in this batch has an 'easter egg' that studio member
Rebekah Newton is hiding on some of my pieces ... see him?

pieces by studio member Matt Clark -
nice, creamy mamo sake set!

pieces by studio member Helen Wadino -
the business card holders are so cute, and dig the design on
her mini pitcher!

pieces by studio member Rebekah Newton -
mushrooms for her garden, and a bigger version
of that 'easter egg'

pieces by studio member Katie Hadden - so happy to have
her back with us - we missed her beautiful designs!