Wednesday, October 21, 2009

full house at Crazy Green Studios!

It's funny to think it's only been about a week since my last post but it feels like a month has passed! Lots going on, lots to come, but I just had to stop and take a moment to celebrate the great energy my studio members bring to the studio. I'm officially 'full' at the moment, with four studio members and two special members working on their Senior Project.

Katie H. is the newest addition, but in fact she's also one of the oldest members. Katie was with me almost from the beginning of my open studio membership and was one of my former students in at Odyssey. When she's not here, she's doing incredible work with Mountin' Hopes therapeutic riding center. As a matter of fact, it was the intensity and passion she has for her work that had her staying round the clock with a sick horse last March, which turned into pneumonia, which turned into severe injuries from coughing and over SIX months off the pottery wheel! But she's back, and even back on the kick wheel, and we're so glad to welcome her back to the fold!

Katie H, back at the kick wheel!

Our other Katie also had to take a month or so off, but is now back working on mugs for the holiday season. Helen is starting to try teapot forms, and Matt has ventured into plates. They all bring great energy, good ideas and much needed balance to my crazy schedule, and I'm so grateful to have them here!

a lovely bowl and small plate by Matt

a fun mug Katie S did this summer -
her new forms are really cool and will be
featured in another post

Helen, selling her wares at 2nd Saturday Artist Market
teapots are drying in pieces on the shelf now...

My senior project students, Alex and Caris, are also doing great. Alex and I will be working with the colored porcelain soon, and Caris is showing a very natural touch on the wheel. I have no doubt they'll end up with beautiful work for the project, and I'll have learned just as much from them.

Caris, showing her stuff after just
two sessions on the wheel!

Alex's test piece - consider it the black & white
version - the project version will use colored porcelain

Rounding out the full house is studio assistant Brittany, who keeps us well stocked in pugged clay but still needs to find more time to do her own work - if she sees this perhaps we'll get her in on the wheel!

our goal: to get a shot of her at the wheel!

Very happy to have people and pots bursting at the seams at Crazy Green!

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