Saturday, October 24, 2009

Echo Gallery: images from the opening

Last night Biltmore Park threw Echo Gallery a grand opening celebration, and it was indeed a happy event! Roux restaurant (from the Hilton) catered, and wonderful Sarah from Biltmore Park made sure everything was perfect, right down to finding a coat rack/umbrella stand for the expected arrival of many umbrellas!

It was raining, and I think all of us at Echo had moments of 'deja-vu all over again!', as we had torrential downpours at the soft open that seemed to keep many people inside and away from the gallery. Well that certainly wasn't the case last night, as our gallery was filled with people and great energy throughout the reception! The new show looks great, and it was wonderful to share it with friends, old and new. I'm still a bit gob-smacked myself, and ever so grateful to be a part of this group.

I was also thrilled that my friend Anne drove up from Atlanta for the party and brought the camera with the BIG lens, and roamed the event capturing moments. Gallery member Laurie McCarriar (MC-Carry to those in the 'hood) also covered the party with her camera, so look forward to more pictures from her. Here are a few from Anne:

Echo Gallery members: me, Susan Webb Lee, Genie Maples,
Laurie McCarriar, Barbara Fisher & Anna Koloseike

the quiet before ...

Susan Webb Lee took one of my plates home,
and came back with this gorgeous table runner
that just transformed the display!

Barbara's husband sent beautiful flowers to wish us well

starting to get crowded...

Laurie talking about her photos...

Susan & guest artist Tekla

it was incredible to have trouble getting through the
crowd in this very generous space!

more crowd fun...

Barbara & I posing in front of
Laurie's very cool photo

pots were appropriately fondled...

Laurie, with Marty & Eileen, who happily
snapped up the two new pieces behind them

it was really a very happy crowd, and fun to be with!

the rain kept on, but so did the people!

admiring work by Barbara Fisher

sculpture by Anna looks on while more patrons
admire Genie Maple's beautiful paintings

Anna with friends

guest artist Heather Tinnaro (and Tekla in the back)
working the crowd

I don't remember the what, but I remember the laugh

Sarah from Biltmore, who helped make this a great party

Barbara, with guest artist Susan Finer

Guest Artist Alex Stevens, Anna & Heather
enjoying delish treats from Roux

Genie & one of her two beautiful daughters
(both were there)

got Anne out from behind her camera for one shot!

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