Monday, May 25, 2009

Monday musings...

So originally I closed the studio for the weekend thinking I might actually take some time off, and yet I knew then as I know now that it's just not quite time for that! Prepping work for two kilns this week, vending at the Women's Business Conference between the two kilns, welcoming a new studio assistant, prepping pots for delivery and all that business of doing business fun as well. But my birthday prezzie to me was to stay 'closed' and at least have a more relaxed approach to what's ahead in the week. Glaze load one is done and I'll soon be loading the kiln, possibly with time to spare to join another Gemini's birthday celebration, and the bisque that'll cool over night will give me pots to glaze during tomorrow's firing, plus the pieces I threw yesterday should be ready to trim soon, which will keep the cycle moving along.

And it's also Memorial Day - one of the things I loved to do when I lived in DC was to spend time down on the Mall over this weekend. Tons of tourists, yes, but go in the wee hours and see the families and veterans, paying quiet respect, and feeling a common human bond with just about everybody you passed. And Rolling Thunder - well named because you really can feel the rumble as the thousands of bikes pass. There is a special energy of reflection that surrounds the memorials and monuments in DC over this weekend, and today we've all been asked to take a moment to send a thoughtful prayer and thank you to our troops, past and present. I'd hope we all carry a little grateful prayer daily for all the people who choose a life of service on behalf of others - military and civilian, but a directed force in the universe is a nice thing, and I'll add my buzz to that at 3pm.

And I'll take another moment as I start my own 'new year' to say a prayer of gratitude ... for my mom & dad of course who made it all possible, for all the incredible people in my life and for the opportunity to do what I love, even when it means 'working' on weekends, holidays and birthdays.

Thanks be, praise all and spread the love!

happy place

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