Friday, May 29, 2009

feelin' the love, claiming the power...

Yesterday I closed the studio so I could participate and vend at the Women's Business Conference, sponsored by Mountain Biz Works. I attended last year, just days after I found out I had been approved for my start up and was about to sign the lease on my studio. I stayed up till 3am printing info with my new address, I was so excited! This year I admit I'm excited again, not the least of which is because I'm still here!

The theme and message that I kept picking up through all the keynote speakers, breakout session and even in random chatter with other attendees was INTENTION. Living intentionally, re-training your mind set to truly from your core let your intentions lead the way - focus on what you want, not the need. My friend and GO mentor Jane led the breakout I attended, and she gave a quote (my apologies for not remembering the original quoter) that I may put on the wall: "Fear is just excitement without the breathe." Keep breathing.

Right up my alley, yet as I was just telling a friend and client, it seems to be something I have to keep reminding myself. In one exercise where we were asked to list a 'hope', my initial response was 'enough', which I initially thought was 'enough'. But I was reminded by said friend and client that perhaps I should be focusing on 'abundance', as 'enough' might just be what keeps me chin deep in water, wondering if perhaps there's a leak in the roof, and abundance may actually allow me to grow. hmmmmmm.

We were a group of about 200 extremely smart, talented, motivated and inspirational women. It's hard to maintain negative energy or a feeling of isolation in that kind of company, and I can still feel the buzz from all that power sharing!

I also vended in the Member's Market, and made some wonderful contacts that I'm looking forward to expanding in the coming weeks. And my table had extra good juju as it was the first 'official' day for my new assistant, Lily.

Lily is a student at UNCA with just enough clay experience in high school to know she wants to know more, which is the kind of person I like having around the studio! She also graciously agreed to spend the day with me at the conference, allowing me to step away from my table for the break out session and to chase down people I wanted to talk with. It was great to see the conference through her eyes, and hear her own responses to the questions posed among attendees. I'm so glad she was able to be there to get her own inspiration - I'm looking forward to watching her become a young entrepreneur, and I'm very happy to have her join the studio!

Having glazed and fired right before the conference, then glazed and now waiting to fire again, the studio looks a bit like it was ransacked. So today is cleaning, sorting and packing pots for delivery and shipping, and taking inventory on materials so I can get back to the 'do' list. Most of the last two and next kiln are for commissions, but I hope to have new work of my own to show soon, so stay tuned!

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