Friday, March 6, 2009

studio stuff...

It's almost shocking to see my previous post of Lissa rolling in the snow and knowing it was a mere four days ago.

ice melting on the studio skylight, a couple of days ago

Almost shocking, except I live in Asheville, and it's one of the glories of the region to have snow frolicking weather shortly followed by fun in the sun. 60's today, into the 70's over the weekend. Almost wish I could pull my wheel outside!

I am grateful to have the nice weather as later tonight I'll be loading a kiln. I'm building another set of shots from the glazing session, and will post them during the firing. I'm finally at the point where I enjoy glazing, although I'd enjoy it a lot more if it wasn't always squeezed in between 12 other things. There always comes a point where I just don't think I'll finish in time for the load. But that's for the next post -

Here are some shots from around the studio over the week. I started taking pictures of some of the works in progress, then found the light so lovely (it's getting to be that time of year when I don't have to turn the lights on until much later in the day) that I took some shots of what caught my eye. Perhaps not as interesting to anyone else, as I know I have a great fondness for this studio that may only translate as a mother's love, but here they are anyway...

tumblers on a tray - I'm trying to get back to groupings and 'sets' of a sort

a couple of the urn forms I've been playing with,
and fun with a lidded form demo

afternoon skylight action on Scott's shelf
(time to glaze, things are literally piling up!)

well after one, I had to see where the light
from the other skylight was falling...

back lit profiles on the window...
notice how carefully cropped everything is
to hide the messy parts!

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