Tuesday, March 24, 2009

2nd Saturday Artist Market!!

I just noticed that I passed my 100th post - who knew? I think it's great to break into the next 100 posts with an update about the 2nd Saturday Artist Market.

We've had a lot of good response to the Market, but feedback from artists told us that committing to three months of Market at a time was too much to ask, so the application process has been revised so that artists, craftspeople and musicians may apply for individual OR multiple months.

It also took us a little longer to work out the organizational aspects, so to have a stronger opening, we're starting the Market in May. We're excited to open on Mother's Day weekend, expect great weather and hope all readers within reach will come check it out!

May is also Hospice Month, and Market sponsor Care Partners Hospice and Palliative Care will be at the Community Booth for the opening Market.

Any artists interested in applying for booth space, applications are being reviewed on an ongoing basis, and you'll find all the forms and more info by clicking on the logo link above.

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