Monday, March 2, 2009

studio happenings...

First - if any studio members are wondering if we're open today...too soon to tell! I'm on my way out with the dog to investigate the roads, and I'll be there at some point for sure, but it may take me longer to get my usual morning errands done so there may indeed be adjusted hours. If in doubt, call my cell before you come!

well, I was going to post a lovely good-bye to friends Brooke & Greg, who have been in Asheville for the past month or two, and hanging at the studio during parts of that...but the universe and the elements are conspiring to keep them here!

Greg did come in to finish glazing some pieces, and he sat down to get in one more throwing session. And the clay is definitely now in him (if not on him!) - I'm glad to hear he'll continue if and when he ever makes it back to Wisconsin!

And our studio roll call continues with one of our newest members:

Alex came in looking for a place to do some hand building, and he has wasted no time!

In other news, I've been giving my eyes a good exercise in rebuilding the website. It's coming along and perhaps if this turns into a snow day I'll get it finished - but I find myself in that strange place of actually hoping to get some business and work done in spite of the beautiful snow that's slowing everyone down. Gotta find that balance - maybe a romp in the snow with the dog will give me needed perspective...

... I did take a picture of the bushes outside the studio when I left yesterday, but I see out my window that it's so much more picture perfect this morning, so I'm headed out with the dog and camera to get more appropriate documentation of the snow that finally fell! I'll post here if studio hours will be affected today, and if you don't have my cell, call the studio (333-5078) and I'll get that message fairly fast too.

Now go play in the snow!

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