Sunday, June 11, 2017

Bagel hack and back to the Nibs! 100 Days of Recipes, Day 55

I was just re-reading my Carrot Top Gremolata posts before I started today's entry, and I've been pondering the past few minutes about "what if I put nibs in the gremolata?"... I think there is a version there, but I'll have to get back to it.

Today's quick late breakfast and carrier for my nibs came about mainly because I didn't realize the peanut butter I picked up recently was creamy, not crunchy. I like it crunchy, so I was wondering what I might add to get that missing texture ... nibs!

We call this size plate the "bagel plate" because it's the perfect size... for a bagel!

Not really a recipe, just another fabulous way to use nibs. Although I will share a wonderful bagel hack I learned from my friend Nancy, and then wondered why it never occurred to me. I don't eat bagels every day, so when I buy them they generally go into the freezer. My bagel desires rarely, however, announce themselves with an appropriate amount of time to take one out of the freezer to thaw slowly so I can slice it with ease before toasting. Add to that, I don't always want a whole bagel, so if I DO manage to get it cut in half, half of it might have to go back to the freezer for a second indignation. So enter Nancy: I have these dear friends in Georgia and they are avid bagel-eaters, and whenever I visit them over a weekend, I get to go with them on their weekly trip to Golberg's Bagel Company to replenish their bagel supply. The first thing Nancy does is cut the bagels in half before putting them in freezer bags. Want a half a bagel? Grab it and toast it - I think the most brilliant ideas are the most simple. Nancy didn't invent the idea of cutting bagels before freezing, but she invented it in my head, so to her goes all the glory!

A nicely sweet/tart strawberry or three is a nice compliment to each slightly rich, peanuty-nibby bite, and while I use these plates for so many things, it always makes me happy when they get to serve their named purpose of being a 'bagel plate'.

Now, about that nibby gremolata...

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