Tuesday, December 6, 2011

ongoing & upcoming fun at The Village

Every day, more and more things fall into place at The Village Potters, and you can really feel all the good energy from activities in the Gallery, to busy bee potters in studios, to classes that have started in The Teaching Center.

One of my classes includes Jo, who is returning to clay after a very long absence (I always say, the clay will wait for you!). And she's not just coming back after a long absence - when she arrived to class, she brought with her memories of having learned on an old, box-frame kick wheel (she's now on an electric), and having only ever worked on cylindrical forms that were finished on the wheel (I started her throwing off the mound).

But in spite of all that, she's making the transition back to clay smoothly and we're having a great time! It is one of the benefits of our classes running on an open enrollment - Jo was able to start when she was ready, after the Thanksgiving holiday, and because I have three other classes on the schedule, the class she has to miss next week will be easily made up with no loss in her momentum. Have I mentioned how much I love this Teaching Center?

In other Village news, we're having a Studio Holiday Sale this Sunday that's a real blow-out-end-of-year-extravaganza! All our Gallery work will be 20% off, plus I'll have other 'end of run' items specially priced in my studio area. I'll also be running a special promotion for my classes, whether you register then or buy a gift certificate. There are incredible gift options across the board, plus Johnny Harwood & friends jazzing up some holiday tunes and sweet refreshments to stoke your four-hour-shop-local-blitz!


  1. The space looks nice, How about a few more pictures of it? Have a great weekend.

  2. will do Dennis, and thanks! We've been meaning to take some pictures, but it's been so busy just getting everything up and running that we keep forgetting. More are coming!

  3. looks like a great space with great energy. wish I were close enough to inspect for myself. drat. think I'll go make a pie.

  4. wish you were close enough to bake me a pie!