Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Brunch

It has happily been a very busy and fun-filled holiday season, which has been good for the soul but not so good for regular blog posts. The promised Thanksgiving chronicles were set aside because I was having too much fun with visiting family to pick up the camera. The entire event can be summed up in the dog's reaction to us finally sitting down to eat:

For Christmas I was again the happy recipient of visitors for brunch, so I got one of my best presents in the form of a nice, long morning in the kitchen working my way through a pot of coffee while putting together our meal.

even 'mis-en-place' looks better and is more fun with handmade pottery!

went a little outside of 'regional' to add the blueberries to the
fruit salad, but after all, it's Christmas

the makings of a mighty tasty mimosa

had the blueberries, so they joined in too

The brunch feast, much of it sourced from many favorite local makers,
growers, raisers: eggs scrambled with smoked trout, bagels with chevre & same smoked trout,
thick-cut bacon, sweet potato hash, green beans saute-ed with balsamic-soaked
red onions & tomatoes, fruit salad, tangerine-ginger-prosecco mimosa

 Once again, homemade tastes better on handmade, and tastes even better when shared with friends!

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