Sunday, January 2, 2011

If there's one thing I'm resolute about...

... it's about NOT making resolutions.  I've always felt that they're kind of a trap.  I think goals are great, but they should be fluid - adaptable, and a resolution (at least for me, those times I had tried it) was very limiting, and it set my own intentions seemingly on the lack of something I had to resolve, rather than embracing a new practice or goal that might be adjusted along the way.

All that to say that I started a new journal recently.  It may be the 12th or 15th journal I've started.  Started ... all of them have many, many lovely blank pages in the back.  Sometimes I'll pick up one from years gone by and just start writing in it again, but starting with a new book always feels like a way to discard that which kept me from keeping up the previous journal.  Many of those journals had been resolutions in previous years.  This year, I intend to journal more, but some of it might be here and some of it might be in the book.  

How I intend to build this practice:  well talking about it here is one way, because making an intention public puts more responsibility on seeing it through.  I also find that when I read more, it's easier to write.  Ideas and thoughts get stirred up, sometimes in response to something read, sometimes just to spark a little inspiration.  So this year I'm going to start the journal exploration by sharing some of what I'm reading for my own motivation, inspiration and entertainment.  In no particular order, here's the first:
The Fred Shively Daily
Fred is a freelance photographer, creative director and vagabond.  I had the pleasure of working with him back in another life and got to know him and his lovely wife Arpi (who also produces something I read, but that's for another post).  They're kindly keeping a room for me in their lovely home in southern Spain, an invitation I hope to accept sooner than later.  The Daily is an online compilation of other online sources for news, arts & entertainment, technology, politics ... you name it, he seems to have it covered.  And the coverage is wide and often from sources I would otherwise not find myself, so it's been my morning companion to at least the first cup of coffee when I don't have to dash out of the house.  Today I am kind of on a dash, but I had time to glance through and here are a couple of links I'll be coming back to later:

NOWNESS:  this blog just promises 'daily exclusives for you to love', and today's entry is 'on the ninth day of Christmas'.  I'll be looking back over the first 8 and looking forward to those to come.

IRISH WEATHER ONLINE: seriously, how else would I ever end up on this site?  The article linked is titled 'How the Sun Could Control Earth's Temperature'.

DRWEB:  ok so I have no idea what the text says on this site, but the title of the post: 

40 unglaubliche nahinfrarote Fotos

told me at least there might be pictures, and they are pretty cool!

What any of this will inspire in my journaling, I don't know.  But I do like the practice I've started, and I'm looking forward to all the discoveries along the way.

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  1. Do it LT. Write it down, dream it, live it! I love that you are finding ways to discover inspiration.