Monday, June 21, 2010

The longest day of the year...

I'm firing today, and it just occurred to me that I've described many a firing day as the longest day of the year, but today it is literally so.  And starting the longest day of the year at 5am hopefully means I'll have a whole lotta day to get a whole lot done.

Charles & Bennie after a good walk

Unfortunately, I didn't get the kiln started quite so early as I'm tending two very sweet pups and one was up and down last night with some digestive challenges (he on the left), so we got up early just to make sure he'd be ok for me to leave.  He seems to be just fine, and the kiln got started shortly after 6:30, so still a good start.

Firing day is always a nice combination of things.  The crazed pace of getting those last pieces bisqued, then everything glazed and loaded suddenly stops and now the kiln sets the pace.  Still plenty to do - the studio is in dire need of a good shoveling out, lots of admin recovery, prep for next month's 2nd Saturday Market, other applications, and I really should jump back in and start making work for that one last cone 7 load before the Big Crafty.  And I'll likely tackle parts of everything but right now as I'm in the early 'turn-up' phase of the firing, I'll take a cue from the kiln and work into it slowly.

Some of what's in the kiln will be unloaded just in time to go to the Arboretum for Handmade in America's Design Expo.  Last year, the event was held at The Ramble, and various rooms and areas were designed and decorated in a designer/artist/craft maker collaboration.  This year the event will be at the Arboretum, and the Artist Showcase will be under a big tent on the grounds, with various rooms represented in the tent by their design.

beautiful textile art by Susan Webb Lee

I was invited by textile artist (and co-Echo-gallerina) Susan Webb Lee to join the efforts for the 'Sunroom & Sleeping Porch' of the Artist Showcase, and am very pleased and excited to join Susan and some other very fine, talented folk: Becca Floyd (also clay), Howard Atwood (wood), Lang Hornthal (furniture), Joe Cooper (metal), Charlene Cook (interior decorator) and Leo Monahan (paper).

The event is Friday and Saturday, June 25 & 26 (ticket info HERE).  I'll be there both days, so if you come please stop by our booth and say hello!

Time to turn up the kiln ... and maybe another cup of coffee, it's gonna be a long day.


  1. How can you not get a lot of good clay work done with dogs that cute at your feet?

  2. ah, these little cuties had to stay at the house, as the current studio is so tightly packed now they'd cause complete destruction within minutes, just by saying hello (and they both have the illusion that they're lap dogs)! But I did bring some cups home to carve out on the porch ... it was nice to live with that good dog love again, even though Charles did try to eat the cup more than once while I was carving it.