Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Happy Independent's Week!

ha!  You thought I was going to say 'Independence Day' now, didn't you?!  Well what better holiday to surround with a celebration for true independence in being a small business owner! 

Indie, mom & pop, brick & mortar, how ever you name it, Asheville is filled with so many creative, delicious, inspiring, uplifting and oh-so-useful small businesses.  The news lately has been that the best way for the economy to begin an upward flourish is for people to get out and do a bit of spending, so why not see how many small, local independent businesses you can find to do your business with over the next week, and grow our own local economy at the same time! 

For my own touting, I invite you to service your fine art & craft needs by visiting Echo Gallery at Biltmore Park, where I am an owner/gallery member, along with several other fine independent business owners.  Pick up a lovely gift, or make plans to meet with us about future design needs, be it installation wall pieces, furniture, service ware or custom design in any medium.  

And while you're out there, you can get a great outfit for the holiday weekend at Moda or Constance Boutique, buy something sparkly that can go on a finger or wrist to compliment the fireworks in the sky at Marthaler's Jewelers, pamper yourself royally with incredible spa treatments at Sensibilities Day Spa or Sparrow Spa in the Biltmore Park Hilton.  Been meaning to have the family portrait done or finally booking a photographer for a special event, you'll find Markis Studios right there, and if you've got the kids (young and old) with you, make sure to stop at Dino-kenetics and experience John Paynes incredible interactive sculptures (yes, it's an experience!).  Every one of the businesses I mentioned are local, Asheville-Grown businesses, and that's just in one place!

Yes, I know the holiday is often about the food (actually, pretty much any occasion is about the food!).  Need burgers and veggies for your 4th cookout?  Hit one of the tailgates and get it directly from the farm, or find those same local options at the French Broad Food Coop or the West Village Market & Deli.  Go fill up your growlers or even spring for a kegger at one of the local breweries (no favorites, they're all that good!).   Don't feel like doing all the cooking?  I hear you can pick up some kick-butt 'tater salad and other good stuff in east-West Asheville at 444 Gallery Cafe (go early - they're closed to let their local-grown families enjoy the holiday).

And if you're headed downtown, there are just way too many incredible local-grown businesses in the downtown area for me to list before lunch.  I'm strolling up to 444 to see if they still have that cooling fruit soup today.  You guys take over and list all the indie's downtown that should not be missed (ok, I'll start you off because as you know I absolutely cannot do a post about local grown and not mention the home of one of my favorite food groups:  The French Broad Chocolate Lounge ... now you go!)

Have a wonderful holiday weekend, and where ever you are - go check out your own home-grown businesses and give a little love to the local economy! xo


  1. I'm planning on eating red white and blue cupcakes. Is that wrong?

  2. not wrong at all ... even better if you get them at a locally owned bakery, or if you buy your ingredients to make them yourself at your local coop or grocer ... and perhaps you could use the berries in your yard to color the frosting. :)