Monday, May 24, 2010

swim with annie ...

I've often said that a lot in Asheville reminds me of my home state Vermont, which is probably why I've landed here so happily.

I think it's a nice mixture of geography, a bit of weather and the creative spirit, interest in social issues and community generosity that I see in both, and today's story is about one of my Vermont friends and what she's doing in her little part of the world.

My friend Annie isn't a native Vermonter, but she has adopted her community as if she were its first born, and champions many community activities as well as runs several swimming programs for kids and families.  If you're in the Burlington area and want to know more about swimming with Annie, check out her site: Swim With Annie.

On June 2, Annie will swim for five hours to raise money for medical supplies and personnel in the ongoing effort for relief in Haiti.  Here are the details:

SWIM FOR HAITI will take place at The Spa at The Essex between 4pm on Wednesday, June 2nd and 4pm on Thursday, June 3rd.

Swimmers will arrive and swim at any time of their choice, within that 24 hour period.

All donations go directly to the VERMONT MEDICAL RESPONSE TEAM, a local non profit which sends Vermont Medical personnel/supplies/support to Haiti for ongoing earthquake relief efforts.

Not only swimmers but water walkers, water joggers, lap swimmers, young swimmers, old swimmers, noodle swimmers, ALL SWIMMERS or anyone willing to step into a pool are welcome and capable of raising funds through sponsors.

Participants choose a length of time to swim and get as many sponsors in their category as possible.

15 minutes = $5 per sponsor
30 minutes = $10 per sponsor
1 hour = $20 per sponsor
2 hours = $40 per sponsor

There is also a swim duration called EIGHTY FOR HAITI
5 hours = $80 per sponsor

Jackie Bombardier and Annie Cooper will be swimming from midnight to five am and seeking EIGHTY FOR HAITI level sponsors. On Tap, in the former Lincoln Inn space in Essex Junction, was the first sponsor at this level and has set the bar for other businesses to step up and donate to this great cause. T.S. Peck Insurance has also donated to EIGHTY FOR HAITI.

Swim tips and pointers provided to anyone who asks, courtesy of Annie, Jackie and Sue.

For more information call Annie at 802-922-6700. If you are staying overnight from out of town, call The Essex at 802-878-8050 for hotel rates. 
I'll be adding to the sponsorship by sending a mug to five EIGHTY FOR HAITI level sponsors.  Not sure how many are left, so contact Annie if you want to sponsor!

And the parallels continue...

I learned recently, for instance, that Vermont tops the list of US state breweries per capita, with one brewery for every 32,698 people, and each of those breweries being a craft brewery.  very proud.

And then Asheville wins the online 'Beer City USA' poll.  The connection is strong indeed!

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