Sunday, August 23, 2009

into the stretch, refreshed!

What a wonderful little break I had while Isabel, Jason & Sam visited Asheville. I knew I'd take a day off to play with them, but ended up really having a mini-vaca with them. Isabel will post (with great cropping discretion, I trust!) all the action photos on facebook - I only grabbed my camera the day they left. But we had a great afternoon at Lake Powhatan where I went lake swimming for the first time in years, and had my first experience with the noodle. LOVED it. And yesterday we had a day with double the mud fun! First, Sam had an impromptu lesson on the wheel, and made a very lovely piece.

Sam's bowl - he has a very nice touch on the wheel!

Then, we found a great place not far from town to do some 'gemming', and now I'm waiting to hear what happens to the big rock Sam found that was described mainly as 'money', when we asked our guide what it was.

hmmmm....was I always this much shorter?
somebody get me a half apple!

one more squidge before they go

So now they're on the road to Pawley's Island (believe me, I tried to figure out how to close the studio another few days to hit that beach as well, but since I don't yet control time and space, I couldn't do that and get the kilns filled....), and I'm back to my lovely studio.

the welcome pedestal, abloom with the promise of a productive day!

It's another gorgeous day, breezy so far, so with windows open and fans running, it's quite nice.

Plenty here just waiting for my attention, plus the list I have yet to make!

oh wedging fairy...?!

ready to load...

ready for ...

So I may daydream about getting back in that lake, but I've got some new energy to crank out the pots so maybe I WILL go float in the lake (gotta get a noodle...)!

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