Tuesday, August 18, 2009

happy, happy, soggy, soggy!

the soapy dog

Since the moist weather persists, I took a break from poking pots to see that they're still not dry to take the pup for a much overdue visit to the Soapy Dog for a sudsy bath. Lissa has been keeping relatively clean with occasional hose rinses and jumps in the river, but sometimes you just gotta get in the tub! We had a good hike this morning with Heather & Bennie, and she had a good bit of fun in both mud and stream, so the time was right.

watching another dog leave, wondering if she should make a break

This visit was much better than the first, which we did shortly after I brought her home from the shelter. We still had to lift her into the tub, but she only squirmed a little (mostly when I tried to take the pictures!) and at least for the moment smells quite nice.

we tried to bribe her to hold still for a close up

Now back in the studio ... pots still drying, clay still too wet to wedge/pug ... I may glaze a few more test pieces for the cone 7 kiln, and then I'll find drying homes for the wet pots so I can fill the shelves with more. I think firing the kiln tonight will go a long way in motivating the wet out of the pots, and with the retained heat and an oscillating fan, I'll be ready to load the bisque after I unload the glaze!

our heroine, tuckered from hike and bath, curled up behind the wheel
(sigh - clay dust will always be a part of the equation!)

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