Thursday, February 5, 2009

textures on tiles

I've had some requests to show more of the textures I've been playing with on tiles, and while I'm working on a new series of samples, I thought I'd put some of the others up for review.

My tile line is focused on unglazed tiles, using slips and oxides alone, along with iron in various clay bodies, to bring out depth and tone. These tiles can be/have been used for fire places, back splashes, details among commercial tiles and even in collaborative mixed media sculptures.

A variety of textures and tones. Textures made with stamping and
with couscous, colors from iron rich clay, oxide washes

sgraffito carved, stamp garden & burlap pressed and oxide washed

My tiles are hand cut to create an organic, soft-edged uniqueness to each tile. By themselves, you see the wonky edges and signs of being hand made. In a grouping and in grout (which I'm trying to get good pictures of!) they take on another life, not quite mosaic but definitely not commercial cookie-cutter.

Back to the clay...


  1. I love those small tiles; they look like they have been taken from an archaeological dig.

  2. thanks - that's what I love about them too!