Sunday, February 15, 2009

2nd Saturday Artist Market!!

East West Asheville, who brought you the very well-received Holiday Art Walk, now brings you a monthly Artist Market. What makes this Market special? It's like a Tailgate for Artists - a monthly venue to mix and meet with the artists in lovely and sunny West Asheville (yes, it's always sunny in West Asheville!).

The 2nd Saturday Artist Market will take place...can you guess?...the 2nd Saturday of each month! The Market begins April 11, and will continue through December, when we encore the Holiday Art Walk, which expands the Artist Market to include holiday events and promotions with surrounding businesses.

Crazy Green Studios is one of the sponsoring producers of the 2nd Saturday Artist Market, which will take place in the lot adjoining my studio to my neighbor and co-sponsor, Mimi Strang Design. We'll have a booth outside the studio each month, and for the most part, our booth will feature either demonstrations or hands on participation in events that will support Empty Bowls. Those events will include throwing and/or decorating demos, bowls for patrons to decorate, and always bowls that will be for sale, with all proceeds going to Manna Food Bank.

The Crazy Green Booth will also feature some of my own work, and during the season I plan also to invite studio members and assistants to display their own work.

In addition to the Empty Bowls activity at our booth, one booth per month (out of a total of 20) will be donated to a community organization for their use.

So if you're an artist interested in taking part in the Market, follow the link on the logo (which is temporary...a much nicer one is in the works!) to the 2nd Saturday blog.

AND...if you're a business interested in becoming a Market Sponsor, we'd love to have you! There are a number of levels of sponsorship available, all the way down to donating a tent and table for the Community Booth. If you go to the 2nd Saturday blog, you'll find a link for all Market forms and information.

I'm very excited about what's going on around here: studio members are doing very cool work, new glazes are in development, the summer workshops are already getting good feedback, new and exciting work for clients and galleries, and now the Artist Market. I'm excited yes, but I'm cross-eyed from being on the computer a LOT over the past week, so I'm stepping slowly back to the wheel for some much needed catch-up work and a little muddy therapy!


  1. How do I participate in the Market if I'm a local artist? Please email me at:

  2. Could you email me with the info too - ? The link doesn't seem to be working. Thanks!

  3. I would love to get information too and also had trouble with the link. I am a chair caner and live in sunny W Avl. Thanks so much,
    Brandy Clements