Monday, December 15, 2008

life after the holiday show

I didn't mean for more than a week to go by before another post, and I do still have other pictures from the holiday art walk to share as well...and if you've been keeping an eye on the art walk blog, I'll post more there too.

It was really crazy leading up to the show, and it was a pretty busy week last week in spite of the deadlines having passed, and after a day or so of bumping into studio furniture in a slight haze, I'm back into a working mindset, catching up on paperwork and today, finally, getting back on the wheel. My only goal was to throw about 25 pounds, so I split it up among three pieces and had some fun with some larger versions of the new cut rim form I've been playing with.

fun with new forms, with my favorite mascot at my feet

My days are different now, as I've picked up some part time work to help with all the recent moving expenses and recession effects on the studio, so I really do have to schedule my wheel time now. And it always takes a bit getting back to it after a heavy deadline, glazing and firing schedules. But it felt good, both to be throwing and to be back on my wheel. In my mad rush to get more work done for the holiday show, I spent a good deal of time on the Whisper wheel (the speed-demon!), and it was nice to start back at the pace my kick wheel demands I keep, and finding the rhythm with the clay again.

This week will be a more intended juggle between outside work, studio work and planning for new and wonderful things in the studio. And as I get more into that rhythm, I'll find the right zone for getting on the blog and share the developments - we have new members here I need to grab pictures of, new helpers, and on occasion Lissa even has a play date show up!

And lest I miss the chance for shameless self-promotion, remember that the studio is still open through the holidays for those last minute purchases of fabulous, hand-crafted, locally made pottery! Or check out the list to the right to see where else you can find me through my work.

Lissa now demands more attention than the keyboard, so it's time for a walk! peace.

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