Friday, September 11, 2015

Pig Out at Cúrate!

Anyone who knows me knows about the little piggies, and how much I love them. You also know how much I love the client who sells them, Cúrate!

They have featured the piggies, and me, on their current blog in a lovely and detailed chronicle of the pig-making process, which you can get to by clicking on their name above or the images below, reprinted with their permission. 

A pig holding toothpicks for tapas dinner at Cúrate.
Photo courtesy of Instagram.
Lori Theriault with Cúrate pig toothpick holders.
Lori throws the pig bodies on her pottery wheel.
Pig bodies, air-drying.
Pig legs and ears are attached by hand.
Pigs drying before their first kiln firing.

Lori saves space in the kiln by firing pigs inside mugs.

Lori's assistant Tamsen, aka 'Exec. VP of Porcine Affairs', applies
iron oxide to the pigs. 

Pigs loaded in for the second firing, the "sauna after the mud bath".

The finished product! Each pig is unique.

Pigs are boxed up, ready to travel to Cúrate and beyond!

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