Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!!

Happy Mother's Day Mom!! I know you wish we could spend the day together, and so do I, but you also know that you're with me every day, and it's not just because of the daily phone call!

So while I cannot bring you dozens and dozens of roses today, I hope you know that if I could, I'd shower you with them daily, just like our phone calls. 

But you would run out of vases, so just consider every phone call a single rose (like I do), and then you'll always have a beautiful bouquet (like you!) on hand.

So I hope you'll accept this 'virtual' showering of roses, along with my continued showering of love, admiration, and awe for all that you are, as a small but sincere Mother's Day gift.

And there will be a visit soon! Details are in the works - till then, I look forward to my 'rose a day' on the phone, and the strength, love, and grace that comes with having a mom like you!

Happy Mother's Day Mom - I Love You! xoxoxo

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