Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year, New Look, New Adventures Ahead!

I think newness inspires more newness. Since taking the big steps to join The Village Potters, there's been a lot of "new" - new studio, new studio mates, new gallery, new teaching center, new classes, new students ... lots of new, and all good!

And now we enter a New Year. Part of me thinks I don't get caught up in all the hoopla around the New Year.  I do set intentions, but I don't make resolutions (there's a difference - check back a few posts for more on that), and yet I can't help feeling that the flipping of our calendar year is a perfect time for asserting a true commitment to one's intentions. I guess that could be a resolution, then again it's also something I might do when the calendar flips over a new month or week.

In the spirit of embracing all the new that has happened and that lies ahead, here's a short list of what's 'new', both recently and ahead in this new year, and a little peek into what makes me such a grateful girl this New Year:

A new website! This has been in the works for months, and over the past two months it's finally come together with the help of the Artist Geek, Laurie McCarriar. I've been futzing with what to do with a new design for most of the past year, and it seemed to all fall together when I realized that 'homemade tastes better on handmade' was exactly what I was trying to say. It feels so good to once again have a site up that is representative of what I'm doing, where I am, and what's ahead. It's still growing, so check it out and stay tuned! I also joined Artist Geek's "Art Dates" program, and I'm already benefitting from getting some better organization to my online endeavors. Everyone should have an Artist Geek!

New classes at The Village Potters! To say I'm grateful and excited to be in a studio that gives me space to work and teach is a slight understatement. Jo (pictured above) started her classes last month, and this week another class opens with new students and happily one returning student from my previous teaching studio. I love having other people sharing their 'new' with me too! Check out the schedule if you've been meaning to find your sanity outlet (it's cheaper than therapy!).

New look on the blog! You may have already noticed that, but since I was making a list and all... the new look was inspired by the new website, and that's inspiring the new business cards that will soon be printed (also designed by the aforementioned Artist Geek).

And a new cut and slightly new look for me too!

Other upcoming new adventures include:

• moving the kiln into place at The Village Potters, which will inaugurate my firing in the same place where I throw for the first time in ... well a long time!

•  attending the first Master's Series workshop at The Village Potters: Nan Jacobsohn will be demonstrating her Bas Relief techniques, and I've been thinking about my trees in that technique since I found out she was coming. Her demonstration workshop is January 27-28, in case you'd like to join me.

•  building a body of work to submit for membership in the Southern Highland Craft Guild. This will involve a lot of other 'news', like testing glazes in the new kiln, deciding which line of work to highlight, developing some new forms to be included ... very exciting!

So that's most of my news. I'm sure there are more, and more to come. Thanks for following along this far, and check back for more soon!


  1. looks great Lori. hope everything goes well with the guild. I love the look of the blog. Oh- and in my kitchen it's ho-made ;)

  2. but of course - there is no homemade without the ho!