Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Birthday Love for my Mom!

A little shout out and birthday love for my beautiful momma,

and a word about this particular greeting...

My mom has this alarm clock.  Not one she uses every day, but one she brings out on special occasions, like birthdays.  If you are a family or close friend, you may have been gifted with this experience yourself!

it may look something like this
When I'm with her on my birthday, I can expect to be gently woken with canned trumpets of reveille to start the day.  And when I'm not, well it still works over the phone!

So this is for you, mom!  I could've just played it over the phone when I called, but I think it's cute enough to get its own post.  Maybe I'll find one to keep on hand for other birthdays (people who I know, watch out!). xoxoxo

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