Monday, February 15, 2010

weathering through...

I think I've started a blog post about a dozen times in the last week, but some shiny object or weather system seems to distract me away from the keyboard.

Since you brought up the weather, I guess I need to admit that I am partially responsible for the last two weekend's conditions that closed schools, businesses & sent so many running to the grocery for supplies.  You see, I'm a member of Echo Gallery at Biltmore Park, and since we've moved into the gallery, we've had a 'weather curse' upon us. 

Let's have a soft opening party - torrential downpour that keeps everyone inside. 

Let's try it again in a month - torrential downpour that has everyone back inside working on plans for an ark. 

We shall not be daunted, we'll invite guest artists and host a reception to welcome them.  I think that one was a combination of torrential downpour and possible ice.

Fine, we'll break the winter doldrums with a new show with new guest artists.  Ah... we see the snow coming so we'll postpone for a week.  Take that weather curse!  The new date comes up and there's a forecast for a little snow but just an inch you say?  Well, we're gonna do it so there! 

So we did it, for an hour and then we all took the next couple of hours getting home in the 'flurries'. 

So I'm sorry if the weather has inconvenienced you.  We don't have another opening until April. Spring showers, anyone?

a lovely spread, highlighted by pizza from Travinia and 
brownies from the French Broad Chocolate Lounge...
at least nobody went hungry on the ride home!

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