Thursday, January 14, 2010

In Memory and Gratitude: Lissa Bear

Hearts are very heavy at Crazy Green Studios. Lissa, my constant side-kick and the official dog of Crazy Green Studios since opening day, has passed away. If there can be any upside to cancer, it is that the progression, once it set in, was rapid, so there wasn't a prolonged suffering.

Lissa and I found each other at a no-kill shelter a little more than 3 1/2 years ago. She had been there for about a year, and was greatly depressed (wouldn't you be?!). Over our all too short time together, I tried only to give her a constant sense of home, love, safety and comfort to hopefully erase some of the harshness of her previous life. Little by little, the dog emerged from the depression, her personality came out and we had so much fun together.

Now she's free to run as hard as she wants, bark as loud and often as she likes, and is playing with many friends. When the time is right, I know I'll find her again, perhaps in another four legged friend, perhaps another variation.

Thank you Lissa Bear.


  1. i'm tearin' up over here. you have my sincerest sympathy.

  2. What a great friend. You have our deepest sympathy and warm wishes for happier days ahead.

  3. I am so sorry Lori. We will truly miss Lissa. She had a happy life with you I am so glad she found you. It is a relief to know that she did not suffer.
    holly & Chagall

  4. Thank you for sharing the photos of your beautiful puppy.
    I'm so sorry for your loss. The back scratching photos remind me of our dog Muzzy that passed a few years ago.